A new website

For a whole variety of reasons I had not been able to spend much time on my previous website. Add to that the the hosting company changed owners a couple of times and were wanting to charge an exorbitant amount each month. So I decided it was time to renew the site and use a new CMS framework in the process.

It was nearly fifteen years ago that I built a really simple site using plain HTML. That soon showed its limitations, or my knowledge, and was replaced with Singapore, a system designed for photos. A while later I decided to add some pages with some different content, and so changed to Wordpress. I quickly got frustrated with the limitations, again probably me, and went hunting for another system. I then migrated to MODX, and was very happy with that for a long time. It was very flexible and quite easy to work with. In the end I changed because some of the documentation was lacking, and I could not find out how to do some things.

So now I am using a new CMS / framework, and it seems to be going well. It has meant learning a new programming language, but that challenge is half the fun. Although, it was daunting to begin with.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the awesome support of Mike at ManzoLab.


Hopefully the results are worth it.