Crescent Head Trip

In late July I headed south with the goal of capturing some panorama images, as well as some time lapse footage. Originally the plan was to go north, but the forecast for clouds looked much better to the south.
I'm glad for making that decision, as there were a couple of epic sunsets and sunrises.

The sizes listed for each image show the standard print size. Smaller and (a bit) larger sizes are also possible.

31 July - Crescent Head sunrise
On this morning I managed to capture a great sunrise at Pebble Beach, Crescent Head. This image is the result of 8 photos stitched together to produce a panorama. The result can be printed 1.5 metres wide.

I'm pretty happy with the result after getting up at 4:45am.

150 x 70 cm Icemount print $1400
Crescent Head Rocks

20220731 A7r4 146

This spectacular rock formation was hidden until the sun came up enough to be able to see clearly. It was a little to tricky to get the tripod in the right position.

75 x 50 cm Icemount print $525
Wilderness Waterfall

20220801 A7r4 047 Pano

This peaceful little waterfall was off the side of a dirt track leading to a remote lookout. To get this image I waited nearly an hour for some clouds to cover the sun in order to soften the light.

140 x 60 cm Icemount print $1100
River Reflections

Clarence River Pano

This peaceful scene was captured just after sunset at the Clarence River near MacLean.

200 x 77 cm Icemount print $2000
Brooms Head Dusk

20220801 A7r4 144 Pano

The fading daylight created a beautiful glow with the sea mist and reflections. This is a series of twelve images stitched together. Each was a 20 second exposure.

200 x 77 cm Icemount print $2000
Cabarita Beach

20220802 A7r4 289 Pano

The headland at Cabarita Beach has long been a favourite spot of mine for sunrise images. Here the full width of the beach is seen at low tide.

150 x 67 cm Icemount print $1300
Cabarita Rocks

20220802 A7r4 112

The tide was one of the lowest I have seen at Cabarita, which meant I was able to get an image of the rocks that are usually under water. In the early morning light the green seaweed was spectacular.

70 x 43 cm Icemount print $440
Fingal Head Sunset

20220802 A7r4 049 Pano

Fingal Head is a great location for sunrise, but during winter the sun sets behind the buildings of the Tweed Heads to the north.
This too is a series of twelve images stitched to create a panorama.

200 x 70 cm Icemount print $1850