Natural Bridge

a gem of the Gold Coast hinterland

The forecast for yesterday was for clouds, rain and mist - perfect for waterfall photos. So I drove through mist and gusty rain to the Numinbah Valley, then hiked through misty rain down to Natural Bridge.
I have been wanting to get this photo for a while now.

<p>the view from outside the cave</p>
As I got there the sun came out, and that was the end of the clouds for the day.

Taking waterfall images in bright sunlight is a challenge. Taking a photo of a waterfall that tumbles through a hole in the roof of a cave, then flows out into bright sunlight takes it to a whole new level. The dynamic range from the dark shadows inside the cave, to bright reflections outside, was huge.
As you walk up the creek this is the view that greets you.

For this image I simply left the tripod in position and changed to portrait view. The difference in look and feel is significant. The focus becomes more about what's inside the cave than the surrounds.
<p>Natural Arch, Springbrook NP</p>
So, this is not quite what I had planned, but still worth the trip.

I guess I'll have to try again.
<p>a panorama of the waterfall and cave</p>

Natural Bridge, Springbrook NP