<p>The spectacular beauty of a bushfire sunset</p>

Fire in the Sky

The spectacular beauty of a bushfire sunset

On this day I was sitting watching the awful news of the Ash Wednesday fires in South Australia and Victoria on TV. Suddenly everything turned red, as though a red light had been turned on. A quick look out the window sent me racing for my car, camera in hand. The skies were filled with smoke from the Ash Wednesday fires.

I drove a little way out of town to get the pine trees on the horizon. After taking one photo came the realisation that I'd run out of film. The wait until the processed slides arrived seemed to take forever. This is how the slide looks, none of my photos are digitally enhanced.

Category: Cloudscapes
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Format:    Standard  Print Series: Limited
SA002LOlympus OM4, 50mm, ISO 50, Fuji Velvia film      Taken:  16 February 1983

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