Bushfires on Mt Barney with the Milky Way above

Mt Barney Fire

Bushfires on Mt Barney with the Milky Way above

Sometimes it all comes together in an unexpected way! I saw this photo opportunity at 4 pm from 60 km away as I was heading back from Brisbane. After getting home and loading up some gear it took an hour of driving and an energetic 10 minute walk up the hill to get on location. During the evening I recorded a time-lapse sequence, this image is one out of them.

A fire had been burning on the southern (left hand) slope of the mountain on Sunday evening. It was decided to reduce the risk of that fire getting out of control by lighting spot fires on the northern slope during the day on Monday. With the wind blowing from the north, this is the result. Add to that perfectly clear skies above the mountain and it was the perfect recipe for a rare photo opportunity.

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