A collection of short films, projects and showreels for your enjoyment

I have been doing timelapse photography since 2012, just after I bought my first DSLR. Since then the interest has grown and I have shared some of my work with others.

Here you can view some of those works.

Winter 2020

a compilation of time-lapse and drone footage

Spring 2020

A combination of timelapse and drone footage taken during spring

Caring for Country

2017 Caring for Country Exhibition

Summer 2020-21

Time lapse and drone footage

2020 Bushfire Recovery

recovery after the bushfires in North East Victoria

Autumn 2021

a busy change of season compilation

Brisbane G20

The lights of Brisbane during the 2014 G20 Summit

Moogerah Dam Storm

a wild storm followed by a spectacularly calm sunset


Outback time-lapse compilation

2021 Highlights

the best of my time lapse and drone footage for the year

Yalata Stars

The wonders of truly dark skies

Summer 2021

12 images